The Fate of our democracy

Lies in the States


Who we are

The People is a creative force using modern storytelling and social media savvy to protect and advance American democracy.

We create radically cost-efficient digital campaigns that promote progressive candidates and policies by combining our TV expertise with the weaponry of digital. We tell stories that connect to constituents and inspire them to action.

Our content is data-driven and precisely targeted to achieve maximum impact for minimum bucks.


Why focus on States


We focus on state legislatures because they determine political power in America. Historically overlooked by Democrats, Republicans took control of local legislatures in 2010 for just this reason. 

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that partisan gerrymandering is constitutional, Republican dominance of our state legislatures in 2020 will all but ensure minority rule of our state governments, Congress, and the judiciary—including the Supreme Court—until at least 2032. 

The fight for our democracy is in our states, and it is happening right now.


Our Work

Our Impact


Since 2017, we’ve supported 100 state house candidates in seven states, democratizing access to best-in-class media for mostly first-time, progressive candidates, and playing an essential role in Democrats reclaiming over 400 state legislature seats nationwide.

With your help, over the next two years The People PAC will:

  1. Finish two-cycle flips in 6 states 

  2. Break up 5 Republican trifectas 

  3. Target 8 of the worst gerrymandered states in the country

 Our team

Executive Director

Mara is an award-winning audio producer and former director of digital projects for several companies including SapientNitro, where she led delivery for its New York interactive marketing services team. Mara spent nearly a decade writing, producing, and performing with SF-based sketch comedy group Killing My Lobster. After a post-election move to one of the country’s 206 “pivot counties,” Mara co-founded Show Up Long Island, to organize community activists.

Founder and Creative Director

Michael is the multiple Emmy-award winning CEO of Ish Entertainment, a New York-based TV and film production company. From 2001-2008, Michael was head of programming at VH1, where he pioneered “celebreality” and more than doubled ratings. He is a contributing editor at The Atlantic, and in 2010, blamed technology for hastening a post-factual dystopia in which each side would begin making up its own facts. Michael has also written for The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine and The New York Times.

Co-Founder and Advisor

Sharon is a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs where she worked for 17 years—first in New York and later in Silicon Valley. Sharon has spent the last 6 years working for tech companies, most recently as an executive at eBay and an advisor to start-ups. Sharon is the co-author of Getting to 50/50, a book about women in leadership and has written on this topic for The New York Times, Fortune and BusinessWeek and appeared on NPR and the Today show.

Founder and Creative Producer

Yael is co-founder of SALTY Features.  Yael’s films include Inocente, winner of the 2013 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short, When I Walk, winner of a 2015 News and Documentary Emmy, and Desert Runners, winner of multiple awards. Yael’s 2015 film “(Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies” was released to great critical acclaim.  Yael’s production credits also include My Architect, nominated for a 2004 Academy Award.


LIZ MANNE, Liz Manne Strategy, #PopJustice, The Culture Group

DAVID COHEN,  Forward Majority

MARISSA TRAMBLEY, Stott Development Solutions Group, HFA

BONNIE SIEGLER, Eight and a Half

KURT ANDERSEN, Fantasyland, Studio 360

ANNE KREAMER, Nickelodeon

Network & Partners



Help us save democracy before it’s too late.


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Are you a data geek, art director, translator, animator, powerpoint wizard, social strategist, or super fun party host who wants to help defend democracy? 

We are always looking for talented partners and collaborators with a penchant for action over virtue signalling. If that’s you, drop us a line!

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