2018 Midterms: Results


Fueled by your generosity, talent, and fighting spirit THIRTY THREE of The People PAC's supported candidates---across six states---won their 2018 midterm races.  TWENTY FIVE of these wins flipped a previously red legislative seat to blue. Where we didn’t win, we are grateful to our candidates for running and for the infrastructure and momentum generated by their hard fought campaigns. Our collective efforts have paved the way for us to flip hundreds more seats in 2020.

Some highlights of The People PAC work your support powered in 2018:

1. Three of The People PAC’s New York candidates won, helping flip the NYS Senate, converting New York into a Democratic trifecta, and putting the first woman and first African-American in charge of the chamber.

2. Eleven of our Minnesota House candidates won, helping Democrats flip the chamber blue.  We are especially proud of this work as Minnesota was the heaviest lift of any chamber that flipped on Tuesday (it required 11 seats!) and the state got little media or support from national organizations. 

3. In North Carolina, The People PAC supported the North Carolina Democratic Party’s work to run a candidate in every single district for the first time in history.  Five of our candidates flipped seats red to blue, helping NC Dems break the supermajority and eradicating the Republican-controlled legislature’s ability to hijack balanced government by routinely overriding Democratic Governor Cooper’s vetoes.

4. In Michigan, eight of The People’s candidates won their House races, ending the Republican supermajority. Down-ballot enthusiasm, in turn, supported the Democrats’ retaking of the Governor’s seat, breaking the Republican trifecta, and boosting the passage of a ballot initiative to create an independent redistricting commission to remedy gerrymandering. 

5. In Arizona and Florida, we flipped a combined 4 seats so far, with several races still in recount, and ran cutting-edge data and distribution pilots that will position us well for the challenges we face in 2019 and 2020. Advanced matching of message to audience will be key to our successes moving forward in which we must achieve mass persuasion AND mobilization.

Overall, Democrats made major inroads against the decades long, Koch-backed, Republican effort to control America via state governments. In just a single cycle, Dems flipped 333 state legislative seats, six state legislatures, seven governships, and claimed a majority of the nation’s Attorney General offices!


 Why State Houses?

  • During the Obama years Democrats lost a net 1000 state legislature seats to Republicans.

  • Republican control of state governments is paid for by Wall Street donors, oil magnates, and hedge funders as a smart investment. The Koch Brothers and others pay to elect people who pass laws that make them more money. 

  • As a result, Republican control of state governments has had devastating repercussions for our democracy and the quality of real people's lives. 

  • Republican gerrymandering means that Democrats have to get more votes to win the same number of seats in state government and congress.

  • We have until the 2020 census to win back the states and undo gerrymandering when districts are redrawn in 2021.

  •  In the meantime, GOP-controlled state governments limit access to healthcare, gun safety, voting rights, civil rights, workers rights, and so much more.