Statehouse Initiative


In 2018, The People PAC’s STATEHOUSE INITIATIVE is helping flip state legislatures across the country from red to blue.



Why State Houses?

  • Democrats have lost a net 1000 state legislature seats to Republicans over the last 10 years. Republicans now control 33 of the 50 state legislatures.
  • Republican control of state governments is paid for by Wall Street donors, oil magnates, and hedge funders as a smart investment. The Koch Brothers and others pay to elect people who pass laws that make them more money. 

  • As a result, Republican control of state governments has had devastating repercussions for our democracy and the quality of real people's lives. 

  • Republican gerrymandering means that Democrats have to get more votes to win the same number of seats in state government and congress.

  • We have until the 2020 census to win back the states and undo gerrymandering when districts are redrawn in 2021.

  •  In the meantime, GOP-controlled state governments limit access to healthcare, gun safety, voting rights, civil rights, workers rights, and so much more.