2018 Statehouse Initiative

We’ve seen the future and it’s people running for state legislature around the country. In 2018, we were honored to support 85 candidates in six states, make over 175 Meet Your Candidate ads, and give first-time candidates a fighting chance to effect change in their communities.

Anna Eskamani - Florida House, District 47

Bob Doyel, Florida House, District 22

Sydney Batch - NC House, District 37

Kelly Breen, Michigan House, District 38

Emma Collum - Florida House, District 93

Beniah McMiller, NC House, District 34


Virginia Campaigns


In Virginia 2017 The People PAC created ads for 17 House of Delegates candidates. The ads connected candidates’ personal stories to the issues that mattered most to Virginians.


Angela Lynn — District 25

Lee Carter — District 50

Katie Sponsler — District 66


Wendy Gooditis — District 10

Our ad for Wendy Gooditis was featured on The Rachel Maddow Show the night after the election–the highest rated cable news show on television.

Debra Rodman — District 73

Cori Johnson — District 97

Tristan Shields — District 18


The People went out of our way to support candidates that were largely underfunded and ignored by establishment players. Defying expectations, we won half our races.


Kelly Delucia — District 96

David Reid — District 32

Shelly Simonds — District 94

Joshua Cole — District 28

Dawn Adams — District 68

Stephanie Cook — District 9


Voter turnout increased by 20% and Democrats flipped 15 seats, coming within a single seat of controlling a chamber that had been in Republican hands since 2000.


Kathy Tran — District 42

Danica Roem — District 13

Jamaal Johnston — District 60





The People brought District 6 natives home to Georgia to talk to voters about the 2017 special election and the importance of voting for Jon Ossoff.


Adam Richman

David Cross




We had to do something.




Our Local Heroes project harnesses the power of celebrity to focus attention on the importance of civic engagement and to mobilize voters in specific elections.


David Cross

Sasheer Zamata 



Issues Advocacy: Healthcare

This remake of 2011’s famous “Throw Granny from the Cliff” ad included clips of Donald Trump promising never to cut Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. It was picked up by Fox News.






Gun Safety


Why is the federal government acting to make gun laws even more lax when the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in common sense gun reform?

Because the NRA spends tens of millions of dollars each year to scare and sway “moderate” voters into voting for candidates who are not putting our safety first.

To fight back, The People is developing a gun safety digital media campaign in one of the America's 206 “pivot counties.” The media and messaging that we develop will be scaled nationally and targeted at non-Democratic women in pivot counties and suburban swing districts.